Why Acoustic Office Pods Need a Breath of Sound Acoustic office pods have become a popular solution for open-plan offices, offering a haven of focus amidst the constant buzz. But while superior soundproofing is a key selling point, complete sound isolation might not be the ultimate goal. Here’s why: Feeling Cut Off and Amplified Anxiety:

Acoustic pods represent a relatively new and innovative design solution tailored for office spaces. These compact, enclosed areas offer employees a serene and secluded environment to work, conduct calls, or hold meetings. Utilizing sound-absorbing materials and a sleek, contemporary design, these pods furnish a tranquil and undisturbed setting, facilitating focused work and collaborative efforts. A

not just any box, a box redefined In the dynamic world of modern offices, adaptability reigns supreme. That’s where SENS BOX Acoustic Room Pods step in – versatile, customisable, and designed to harmonise with your unique workspace needs. Ditch the one-size-fits-all; let’s dive into the world of SENS Box and explore its myriad of customisation

Transforming Office Spaces with Acoustic Pods In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern office design, the concept of ‘acoustic pods’ has emerged as a transformative solution to combat noise pollution and enhance productivity. These innovative structures offer secluded spaces within bustling work environments, providing individuals with a sanctuary for focused work, collaboration, or relaxation. The

Triangle and Circle models of SENS | Wall Alya Series were used in Kocaeli Provincial Hospital. The project’s main contractor is Turkerler Holding.

In Dogus Automotive Office project, implemented by SAM Insaat, SensBox products were preferred to create personal concentration areas in the common areas where noise is intense. SensBox is positioned in designated areas to be used for agile business meetings and private calls with its modern design and 30 db soundproofing certificate.

Your Personal Retreat in a Busy World In the fast-paced and open-plan work environments of today, finding a moment of solitude can feel like a luxury. At SENS, we understand the value of privacy and the impact it has on our well-being. Introducing SENS Box – our innovative solution designed to provide you with a

Mastering Acoustics for Living and Entertainment Spaces: A Comprehensive Guide Creating an impeccable acoustic environment is paramount when it comes to designing dedicated spaces for your entertainment indulgence, be it a movie room, music sanctuary, or a Hi-Fi haven. Regardless of your passion – whether you’re a music aficionado, a cinema enthusiast, or someone who

In order to reduce the intense noise, which is the main problem of cafeteria projects, diffusers on the wall and acoustic absorbers on the ceiling are used in this project by Oguz Bayazit Architects. While creating a visually impressive space design with the Alya and Pixel series of Sens products, it is aimed to ensure

Creating an optimal acoustic environment is crucial for various spaces, from concert halls and recording studios to conference rooms and home theaters. The way sound interacts with a room can significantly impact our auditory experiences. In this blog, we will explore the key elements and techniques required to design an acoustic environment that delivers exceptional