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Sound Acoustic product range consists of modular elements designed to improve the indoor acoustic quality of interiors.

Sound absorption occurs when sound waves hit hard surfaces covered with absorbing qualities such as felt, fibre or patterned wood. As a result, the sound is not reflected back into space. Sound-absorbing materials create a suitable acoustic environment within a room by reducing the reverberation time.

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Timber acoustic panels with acoustic foam are modular elements with fins that improve acoustic quality and offer an eye-catching pattern.

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Diffusers are used indoors to reduce sound distortions such as unwanted reverberation or flutter echo. Since they do not completely eliminate sound energy, they make an excellent alternative to sound-absorbing products.


Bass traps are acoustic energy absorbers designed to absorb low-frequency (DF) sound energy, reducing low-frequency (DF) resonances in the environment.

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Portable acoustic elements are designed to improve the acoustic environment quality in interior spaces where it is impossible to use fixed elements.

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Felt-covered acoustic panels are easily fixed modular elements designed to improve the acoustic environment quality in interior spaces such as offices, residences, and studios.

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