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Sens Acoustics
Sens Acoustics
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SENS | Acoustics

SENS | Acoustic products family includes products to enhance the acoustic quality of everyday spaces and products that help sound professionals to achieve better acoustic quality in their working environments.

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Spatial Acoustics

The spatial acoustics family includes products that architecturally enhance the acoustic quality of spaces such as bafflers or absorber cassettes.

  • Clouds
  • Trio
  • Dots
  • Absorber Cassettes
  • Acoustic Lata
  • Bespoke Systems
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Sound Acoustics

Products labelled as Sound Acoustics are mobile or modular elements such as bass traps, diffusers or reflectors that can easily be mounted onto surfaces.

  • Felt Panels
  • Wooden Panels
  • Bass Traps
  • Diffusers / Reflectors
  • Mobile Panels

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