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Wood wool is a sustainable natural product
with impressive acoustic features

Wood Wool

Wood wool is a natural and versatile building material with many functional characteristics. The combination of wood wool and cement creates an airy, thermally insulating, and sound-absorbing structure as well as the provision of fire resistance, moisture persistence, and mechanical strength.

The material has an open surface structure that continuously absorbs and emits moisture into the air: an ability that equalizes the levels of humidity and contributes to a pleasant indoor climate that is beneficial for both comfort and health.

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Key Features

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The wood used in our products comes from responsible forests of renewable origin and with low environmental impact. It is 100% recyclable.

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It is possible to thermally insulate the interiors and considerably reduce the costs of heating or air conditioning with wood wool panels. This also makes wood wool a quick ROI material.

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With a high sound absorption value, wood wool is the ideal material to reduce noise and optimise sound quality in living spaces, helping to create a peaceful environment.

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Wood wool cannot and does not absorb moisture, so its use may also be possible in highly humid environments such as spas, gyms and sports halls where acoustic control is needed.

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It is a highly regarded material for its proven fire resistance and low reaction. This contributes to improving the strength of the structures that wood wool normally covers.

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Wood wool surfaces can be easily cleaned and they do not emit dust and particles into the environment.


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By using high-quality raw materials and innovative production technologies, ALYA®  wood wool acoustic panels offer a multitude of design possibilities and applications.

Thanks to their outstanding sound absorption, as well as the use of sustainable materials and technologies, the ALYA® acoustic solutions make a major contribution to the improvement of the ambience of a room. They increase well-being and, as a result, improve concentration, efficiency and performance.

ALYA® acoustic solutions are ecologically sound and completely harmless as regards building biology. Acoustics and design with a clear, “green conscience”!

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Sustainable Resourced Wood

Wood wool boards are made exclusively from sustainably produced PEFC TM-certified wood. In addition to wood, other natural ingredients such as cement, lime and water are used to compose wood wool into panels. By specifying wood wool panels, you can be assured of using a particularly sustainable product.


PEFCTM (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international non-profit organization that promotes responsible forest management worldwide. The quality mark gives assures you that the raw materials for wood products come from responsibly managed forests.

The goal of PEFC is sustainable forest management worldwide. Sustainable forest management is a widely recognized, important and practical tool in the fight against deforestation and takes care of the people who depend on the forest.

Largest quality mark for sustainable wood

Our globe counts 304 million hectares of PEFC-certified forests and 195 million hectares of FSC® certified forests. So PEFC is by far the largest quality mark for sustainable forest management. A part of the forests has both certificates by the way.

Choosing PEFC not only perfectly fits our sustainability policy, but also fits in with CSR principles and when choosing PEFC you also meet the purchasing criteria of the Dutch government for sustainable purchasing.

Naturally, with wood wool panels you also score excellent in quality marks such as BREEAM, LEED and WELL.