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Our Ethos

SENS is the brand name of the acoustic products range of TRIMline Interiors which is established in Turkey in 1997. Coming from an architectural background, our directors created a rich range of partitioning wall systems and complementing products. Our impressive portfolio of case studies includes airports, large office spaces, and educational and healthcare facilities in many countries around the globe. 

For over 25 years, we created an innovative, collaborative, competent and reliable company ethos in collaboration with architects, specifiers, contractors, and developers. 

We create first-rate working environments with reliable fabricated systems or bespoke solutions in many countries. We are well known for manufacturing with maximum quality, rapid delivery and creating diverse design solutions to complex problems.


Our Story

TRIMline Interiors is one of the leading companies in the industry with its timber processing and production facility that creates partitioning systems, acoustic solutions, and office fit-out solutions for commercial projects. All our products are manufactured in our state of the art 35,000m2 production facility in Balikesir, situated in North West Turkey. 

Since 1997, we are providing service to architects, designers, specifiers and contractors with more than 200 employees and with an experienced installation team of 50 people based in our headquarters in Istanbul. In addition to our large direct sales and specification teams, we have qualified vendors throughout Turkey and representative offices in neighbouring and overseas countries.


Design Process

Since our founding directors have architecture training, we have a solid reputation for establishing direct communication with our clients from the early stages of their projects. This enables us to solve design and delivery problems and create bespoke solutions. 

Our wide range of products is continuously updated by our in-house design team. We work closely with our clients to find the best product and systems appropriate for each case. Unlike many other manufacturers, we enjoy creating bespoke solutions and coming up with new ideas. 

Our own production facility filled with a wide range of manufacturing equipment and machines lets us test our new products and systems before they are launched to the market.

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Our state-of-the-art production plant and warehouse in Balikesir, Turkey covers a closed area of approximately 35,000 m² housing 200 experienced staff. Our production range includes aluminium partitioning walls, timber panels, acoustic pods and other acoustic solutions. In our production facility, we have all the required equipment and machines to process and fabricate aluminium profiles, timber, glass and fabric.  In Istanbul, where our headquarters is located, we have a 750 m² showroom with all the products and systems ready to be experienced first hand. 

Estimation of projects, production and system solutions, R&D applications and post-installation maintenance are included within the scope of our services. As TRIMline, we had completed over 600 projects in varied scales with 45,000 units of doors and 400,000 m² of partitioning walls. 



All the materials used in SENS products and systems include components that can be recycled or reused. In addition to the recyclable features of the materials, we guarantee the longevity of our products which adds up to the sustainability of the overall project. Thanks to the natural materials we use, such as aluminium, wood and glass, our production process it is environmentally friendly. With their flexible design features, SENS products are one of the important components of creating sustainable spaces. Our products fulfil different requirements with their easy-to-install, replaceable and adaptable characteristics. 

SENS has been sensitive to the protection of natural resources since the first day of its establishment and we re-evaluate waste materials, use recycled products as packaging material and make adjustments in its production program in order to maximize energy efficiency. Continuous improvement of our facilities in this direction is one of the main goals and quality principles we pursue.

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